Measurable Advancement:  Educational Consultants who can transform your student’s learning experience.

Incubator Magazine:  Get the latest scoop on independent artists and little known media experts.

Chat Kafe:  Relationship Expert Kenny Pugh will provide seasoned advice for you and your significant other.

Dr. Heather Burton:  Author of The Crimson Experience – a novel focused on women’s issues and concerns with relationships and intimacy.

My Vicariously Life:  Fashion Icon Katrice Miles provides the latest fashion tips and advice

Chad James Art:  Las Vegas Based Artist and close friend .  Very Talented.

Panthro Fitness:  Fitness Guru Reggie Dulaney provides detailed workouts as well as nutritional tips.

Rev. Jenae Pitts-Murdoch:  All it takes is for you to hear Rev. Jenae preach one time to understand her power.

Michigan State Representative Rudy Hobbs:  Representative for the 35th House District.

2nd Wind Productions:  Experience the screenplay writing and acting of Otis Winston.

Tiffany Alexander:  Writer and author of children’s books.

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