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Gifted and Dynamic Public Speaker, with a gift of Servant Leadership. Engineer by degree, Leader by Destiny. My goal is to make people better so that they lead a successful life and career.

Quote for the Day: Michael Ignatieff (Live Fearlessly)

Living fearlessly is not the same thing as never being afraid.  It’s good to be afraid occasionally.  Fear is a great teacher.  What’s not good is living in fear, allowing fear to dictate your choices, allowing fear to define who you are.  Living fearlessly means standing up to fear, taking its measure, refusing to let it shape and define your life.  Living fearlessly means taking risks, taking gambles, not playing it safe.  It means refusing to take “no” for an answer when you are sure that the answer should have been “yes.”  It means refusing to settle for less than what is your due, what is yours by right, what is yours by the sweat of your labor and your effort.

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