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Are You Doing Enough?

Česky: Švihadlo Svenska: Hopprep English: Jump...

Česky: Švihadlo Svenska: Hopprep English: Jump rope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometime after my workout I will grab the jump rope and go at it for a few minutes (I’m not as young nor as light as I used to be.)   One day while jumping rope, an older gentleman (around late 60’s, early 70’s) had climbed off of the Treadmill and began watching me.  I was thinking he was waiting for me to finish so that he could come into the area I was using and start doing sit ups.  Once I finished, he walked over in a staggered gate and asked,

 Mind if I use that?

(referring to the jump rope.)   I said,

Not at all.

I handed it to him and stepped out of his way.  He tried once and did not get it.  He tried again, and did not get it again.  Then he said,

Man, I remember when I could do a lot of these.

I told him,

Don’t worry about how many you can do, just keep trying and take your time.  Just attempting gives you a workout.

He tried one last time and ran off about 20 in a row.   He took the jump rope, handed it back to me and said,

Thank you.  I have not done any since my surgery.

While he was saying this, he reaches down, pulls up his right pants leg, and revealed a prosthetic leg from the knee down.   I didn’t show it on my face, but inside I was dumbfounded.  This man, older man, just jumped rope with one good leg.  I started questioning myself if I would have done that given that situation.

Sometimes we let our situation dictate our behavior.  But, our behavior should dictate our situation.  This will then affect the outcome.  If he had chose to not jump rope, he would have never known he could have done it. 

Don’t let your situation control you.  I once wrote a post called “Control Your Own Destiny” about taking control.  Not only will your attitude impact your outcome, but it will also inspire someone else (people watch even when you think  they are not.)

Kontinue to Konker.

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