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Coasting Along (#10 – Reflections from the Frontline)


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Reflections from the Frontline Reflection:  #10 – Coasting Along

Synopsis: Dr. Duncan reflects on teachers who are content to “coast along.”  They do not have a goal to succeed themselves, let alone their students.  They strive to let recess go a little longer, let their students run rampant, or give worthless assignments.  He challenges the teachers to look at themselves and judge accordingly.  “It is better to see them out the window than in the mirror.”


The only thing worse than a leader who does not develop his team, is a leader who does not develop himself.  When a leader begins to “coast along”, the team will suffer immensely.  As the bible says, “Faith without works is dead,” so it is true about leadership – leader without development is dead.  Don’t get caught in the day to day grind where it gets you to the point of giving up.  Inspire yourself so that you can inspire others.

Be the beacon of light so that you can shine to lead the way for others.  When you inspire yourself to move forward, you will be amazed at the number of people that will join and follow you.

Have you been coasting along?  Do you know leaders who are coasting?  How did you get out of the rut and begin to inspire again?

Dr. Sabin Duncan is the Associate Director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute & the Honors College at Hampton University.  He is the author of “Reflections of the Frontline” – a memoir of his experience as an educator.

You can purchase his book at the following links:  iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Hard Copy.  He is also the owner of Measurable Advancement  – a source for educational consulting and its corresponding blog.

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