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The Myth of Quiet Classroom (#8 – Reflections from the Frontline)


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Reflections from the Frontline Reflection:  #8 -The Myth of Quiet Classroom

Synopsis: Dr. Duncan recalls when he was a principal, he would walk by some classrooms and there would be utter silence.  While on the surface this appeared successful, what he later found out was that the students were not grapsing the material  There was no class dialogue, the teachers taught just so that the students would learn enough for the tests, and there was no creativity.  Just because the classroom was quiet, did not mean there was learning going on.


The key issue that Dr. Duncan witnessed was the lack of dialogue.  Through interaction (by asking questions and seeking clarification), the students would learn the material better. Also, it forced the teacher to learn as there may be additional and new ideas that may be shared.

As a leader, we must be open to dialogue.  If we lead with the expectation that “no one can tell us anything,” we will die from our own ignorance. It is through challenges from our staff, as well as our counterparts that encourage us to learn.  With this interaction, both parties will grow and become better.  Also, it encourages your team that you are open to new ideas and opinions.

Dr. Sabin Duncan is the Associate Director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute & the Honors College at Hampton University.  He is the author of “Reflections of the Frontline” – a memoir of his experience as an educator.

You can purchase his book at the following links:  iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Hard Copy.  He is also the owner of Measurable Advancement  – a source for educational consulting and its corresponding blog.

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