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Sometimes…You Only Plant the Seed (#7 – Reflections from the Frontline)


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Reflections from the Frontline Reflection:  #7 -Sometimes…You Only Plant the Seed

Synopsis: Dr. Duncan tells the story of a child that appeared to have behavioral issues.  Dr. Duncan spent time with the student, even beating him home on one occasion so that he could talk to both he and his mother.  During a meeting with the school administration and a psychologist, the psychologist recommended special education teaching and setting.  Dr. Duncan disagreed, and stated that he had already planted the seeds for his development.  All the student needed was a caring teacher and his development would continue.  The student’s mother agreed, and he continued in normal education, growing with each grade because Dr. Duncan had planted the initial seed of development.


Dr. Duncan showed an interest in this student and demonstrated he cared.  He planted this seed of belief in him, to the point where the student began to believe it himself.  Given that he was only a teacher, he only had the student for one year, therefore, he could not be a part of his development going forward. However, it was his actions of believing in the student that placed him on the road to success.

Some people we meet will only be in our lives for a season.  While they are in our lives, it is important to treasure and value that person for the blessing that they are.  They may be encouraging our lives and moving us forward, or vice versa.  Either way, when the time comes, they may no longer be in our lives.  The key is to keep developing the seed that was planted.  We need to continue to water this seed so that if grows into a bountiful plant.  Continuing to grow in your development allows you to become a more dynamic and giving individual.  More importantly, when you grow, you bear fruit.  It is your fruit that plants seeds in other people so that they can continue the cycle of development.

Dr. Sabin Duncan is the Associate Director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute & the Honors College at Hampton University.  He is the author of “Reflections of the Frontline” – a memoir of his experience as an educator.

You can purchase his book at the following links:  iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Hard Copy.  He is also the owner of Measurable Advancement  – a source for educational consulting and its corresponding blog.

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