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Finding Your Voice (#5 – Reflections from the Frontline)


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Reflections from the Frontline Reflection:  #5 – Finding Your Voice

Synopsis: Dr. Duncan discusses the importance of having “your own voice”….maintain and develop your individuality.  It if acceptable to follow the rules of the organization, but do it in the manner that works for you.  Dr. Duncan shares his experience with falling into the trap of changing his teaching and interaction method by trying to conform.  This not impacted him personally, but how he taught the children.  As he indicates in his book,

Most of all, I promised to always develop and maintain my own ‘sound’  and use my own ‘voice.’


It is important to follow the rules of your organization.  They have established processes and procedures based upon lessons learned, best practices, etc.  However, with those guidelines, you can still maintain your individuality.  You should lead in the manner that best fits your style.  If you try to be something or someone who you are not, you will have a very difficult time with achieving your goals.

I will be the first to admit that my style is different from most.  I am a “People-Person” Introvert.  I am truly an introvert, but I like to engage people personally (not on the phone, not through email, etc) so that I can understand them on a personal level.  I would prefer to walk to someone’s desk and meet with them in person rather than pick up the phone (which would have been more convenient.)  This method helps with relationship building and development of our friendship on a personal level.

Find your voice…lead in the manner that works for you.  It is acceptable to watch other people and understand their methods, but do not copy that person.  Besides, you are you…when the times get tough, you will default to your method of leadership anyhow.  So DO THE BEST YOU!!

Dr. Sabin Duncan is the Associate Director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute & the Honors College at Hampton University.  He is the author of “Reflections of the Frontline” – a memoir of his experience as an educator.

You can purchase his book at the following links:  iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Hard Copy.  He is also the owner of Measurable Advancement  – a source for educational consulting and its corresponding blog.

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