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The Star of Riches is Shining Upon You

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OK, I have an admission…I got this quote from a fortune cookie.  I’m smart enough to know that there is not a wise man sitting in a room coming up with these profound sayings for Fortune Cookies (insert any reference to the movie “The Last Dragon.”)  But, sometimes you do find a nugget of truth within these little dessert cookies.

Let’s take the quote and break it down in parts:

“The Star” – When we look into a clear night sky we will see millions of stars.  But we understand that they are far away and not an easy task to actually reach one.  Therefore, to actually reach a star or see one through space travel is a significant accomplishment.  Stars are a symbol of an ultimate and difficult achievement.  Also, as you move, the star is still in the sky.  The star still has visibility of you regardless if your position changes.  The star serves as a “guardian angel.”

  “Of Riches” – In this interpretation, Riches reflect knowledge and wisdom.  Too often we correlate success with financial status and gain.  But there are several people who have all of the money in the world, and you would not trust to lead you out of a paper bag.  Striving for knowledge and wisdom is an ongoing journey, not predicated upon your financial situation.  Plus, it is an asset that can never be taken from you.

“Shining Upon You” – Think of this as the spotlight.  As you succeed and grow, your light begins to shine more (your influence on others.)  As you grow, you grow others.  Concurrently, the light that is shining on you (the influence that others have on your grow), increases.

So, looking at this simple fortune cookie message again, it now reads “Strive to obtain knowledge and wisdom so that you can not only grow, but grow others.”

You will now look at fortune cookie messages differently for now on…..

Kontinue to Konker…And Let “The Star of Riches is Shining Upon You!”

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2 Comments on “The Star of Riches is Shining Upon You”

  1. gethappy January 8, 2012 at 7:58 PM #

    Having followed your blog I find it very inspirational and creative. I am honored to be awarding you this prestigious online Kreativ Blogger Award. Please receive this award as an acknowledgement of the great work you are doing on your blog. Please check my blog post appreciating your writing.Congratulations

    • Chadwick Taylor January 8, 2012 at 8:17 PM #

      Thank you for the honor. I have been blessed by your blog and look forward to continue to read. Thanks again.

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