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Preparing to Come Together (October 16th, 2011)

This is a synopsis of my sermon on October 16th, 2011 at Porter’s Memorial Church – Sandusky, OH.  The theme of the day was “A Celebration of Togetherness.”  However, prior to coming together, we need to work on ourselves.  Of course, this is the cliff notes version…you have to attend LIVE to get the true experience and the movement of GOD!  Stay tuned for announcements on my next engagement!

Scripture Reference:  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

We have reached a critical time in our community, in our church, in our lives that we can no longer fight our battles alone.  We internalize our issues and we go against the Enemy without any assistance from anyone.  In addition, we have to stop giving importance to items of little importance – the attainment of material items, elevating our accomplishments above the needs of others, etc.

There are three things that need to occur to prepare us to come together as a community:

1.  Know Your Purpose – In the Book of Matthew, Jesus gives us our purpose, which is twofold…First, Love God.  We should always hold God as the center of our life.  We should not and can not place other idols, people, or accomplishments.  Always keep HIM as the center of your life.  Second, Love your Neighbor.  We need to pick each other up frequently and support one another.  We need to encourage one another through our own testimony.  Through our battles we can save someone else.

2.  Use Your Trial to Strengthen You – Just because things go wrong or against you means they are intended to harm you.  Use your trial to make you a better person.  This is the time that you should grow as a person and as an individual.  More importantly, you should improve through this situation. Once you are through, you are thankful that you made it, but not dwelling on the pain and suffering.  Finally, you are now a vessel to encourage someone else who has been or continues to go through tough times.

3. Re-shape Your Life – When we carry around our burdens, they change us for the worse.  Our walk changes, our demeanor changes, our behavior changes.  And what is the impact?  We become isolated,  lose friends, and soon enough depression sets is.  Cast you cares unto God.  Raise your hands up to HIM and ask him to “Fix It!”  All God wants is for you to ask for relief.  Once you have, watch your life change.

In summary, we need each other in order to survive.  A three-fold cord is not easily broken.  Fight your battles with other Believers so that you can move the community, the church, and your family forward!

Kontinue to Konker.

Chadwick Taylor  – KONKERER Leadership

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