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Your Issue is Not the Most Important Issue

I had just placed my order in Tim Horton’s drive thru and started pulling to the window when I noticed an older model corvette pulling in front of me and pull to the window.  My first thought, “Did someone just pull in front of me?”  But, I was still in denial that someone had just cut the line in a drive thru.  So I sat back and said I have to see this….The gentleman in the corvette drives to the window and hands to cashier a box of donuts, yelling at her at the same time.  THe young lady tried to convince the gentleman to come inside to resolve the issue, but he refused.  ultimately, the addressed his complaint and he pulled off as quickly as he pulled in.

His issue was the most important of the day (in his eyes).  But, what he did not take into account was that by forcing the drive thru to address his issue, he now delayed every one in the drive thru from fast service (which is the reason why people use the drive thru).  If he had addressed his issue inside, a manager (who was not addressing customers) could have given him the full attention he deserved without impacting customer service.

In our haste to satisfy our own needs, we place them ahead of others.  When we do this, we do not evaluate the domino affect of our decision – the people it impacts, the decisions of others, etc.  There are times when we need to focus on our issue to resolve, but we must factor in this impact on others so that everyone achieves their objective.

Have you witness someone placing their needs ahead of you?  How did you handle it?  How do you avoid doing the same?

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