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Forgiveness of a Leader

My daughter can send over 100 tweets a day.  I never understood how an introvert could talk so much.  All of those tweets would blow up my phone and I would get frustrated.

My son is going through potty training and he is about 90% there.  Unfortunately, he always decides that while he is eating at the table, that is the best time to “relieve” himself.  I am mumbling under my breath while I pick him up, take him upstairs, and clean him up.

There are two common factors with each situation:

1.  I get frustrated.

2.  I forgive and move on.

Why?  Because I recognized very early that they do not understand the consequences of their actions.  I am in a position of authority and through my experience (good and bad), I already know the outcome. But, it is my responsibility as their father to teach them in a way so that they learn, without having to go through the same experience.

This is also true with being a leader.  No one on your team is perfect.  When they fail (which they will), it is our responsibility to correct them, teach them, then love them.  If they are a true leader in training, they will feel worse about their mistake than you.

Sometimes they may not even recognize the error of their ways.  Jesus looked up to God as he hung from the cross and said:

Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

When someone on your team has hit a stumbling block:

1.  Correct them

2.  Teach team

3.  Forgive them

4.  Love them

Did you have a team member fail?  What did you do?  Did they feel encouraged to try again?

Kontinue to Konker.

Chadwick Taylor is CEO of KONKERER Leadership

He helps clients develop leaders with a servant mentality through individual development and workshops

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