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Is Someone Struggling Because of Your Success?

I heard this comment from “Midget Molley“, a former drug kingpin in Atlantic City in the late 70’s, early 80’s.  After he served 20 years in prison for his crimes, he returned to his neighborhood to try to right the wrongs he had committed.  Unfortunately, he realized that the people he who abused his drugs in those days, had babies who were born addicted, hence, a cycle was born.  Even though he had all of the cars, houses, money, etc, he did not realize the people he was impacting. 

For the first time, he saw the people who struggled because of his success.

Are their family members you no longer see because you are constantly at work?  Is the only time you see your children is in pictures?  Have there been people in your career whom you abused in order to move up the ladder?

We must be careful and mindful to have balance in our lives.  Regardless of all of the activities we have (and Lord knows we have a lot of them), it is always GOD first, then family.  Granted, there will be times when we all need to sacrifice, but it is our responsibility to limit these sacrifices so that we do not lose our loved ones. 

Also, our career path will introduce us to many people, some will be helpful, others may try to derail our path.  Their intentions or impact on our success should not cause us to treat them in a negative manner.  We should not turn to demeaning methods in order to lead them (we should not knock them down in order to elevate ourselves.)  We must always build, and also push for them to have balance in their lives as well.

Today is the day to be honest with yourself…Is someone struggling because of your success?

Kontinue to Konker.

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One Comment on “Is Someone Struggling Because of Your Success?”

  1. Ola August 29, 2011 at 10:10 AM #

    God first, and then family. We must always remember this, repeat it each day so we don’t forget. Thank you God for the word.

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