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Silence is Golden

This is inspired by my sister’s post yesterday.  Many people believe that when there is quiet, or sometimes referred to as “dead air”, their needs to be words or noise to fill it.  But the question is WHY?  Why do we feel the need to talk?  Why can we not just accept that quiet is sometimes the best solution?

As a leader, we get accustomed to always being asked for our opinion, leading, giving direction, etc.  But, there are times when we need to just listen.  Listening is a more powerful skill in leadership than talking.

Listening occurs in many facets:

1.  Listen to your team/family (a lot of times, they already have the solution, they just need to hear it from you.)

2.  Listen to you superiors (this can be direct bosses, mentors, confidants, etc.)

3.  Listen to the situation (the situation will dictate the solution.  If the situation changes, we need to change also.)

Gain power by being still.  Vanessa Bell Armstrong once sang..


Through listening first, being silent, and grasping the situation, we are able to make a more intelligent recommendation.  Slow down the issue and don’t rush to judgement.

And remember….


Kontinue to Konker.

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