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Gifted and Dynamic Public Speaker, with a gift of Servant Leadership. Engineer by degree, Leader by Destiny. My goal is to make people better so that they lead a successful life and career.

Great Minds Think Alike

Being on the same page with people is very important to the yours and their success.  Whether it is your boss on the decision to pursue a contract, or your spouse on deciding to remodel the kitchen, you need to be in agreement with the decision and the process.

Unfortunately we, as we humans do, will choose one of these paths:

1.  Say we agree with the decision, then talk negatively about the decision to our co-workers or family members.

2.  Not support the decision at all, being defiant to the decision maker.

3.  Sabotage the success of the decision, trying to ensure its failure just to prove we were right.

These three positions or behaviors are defiant to the vision set forth by the decision maker.  I once heard Bishop Earl Johnson describe this behavior as being “froward.”

You say stand up, they will sit down.  You say left, they will go right.  You say go, they will say stop.

This behavior is not in alignment with any spiritual principles on leadership.  Leaders (whether they are the leader in charge or following another leader) always seek alignment with the decision maker.  Alignment does not mean agreement with the decision, but if does mean support of the decision and ensuring the success of the vision.  We can not get caught in only supporting ideas because of the originator of the idea.  We must first seek to understand, then to resolve the situation to maximize the achievement of the vision.

Kontinue to Konker.

Chadwick Taylor is CEO of KONKERER Leadership

He helps clients develop leaders with a servant mentality through individual development and workshops

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