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Moving On, Moving Forward

It is easy for us to accept that we go through difficult times as part of our journey of success.   I have previously written on these times of trial and called them “valleys.”

But what about when things are going good?  What about when we think everything is perfect and we don’t want anything to change?  Why does God change the Game plan once we are comfortable?

The answer to these questions is not as simple…To be honest, the only answer is….


God will place not only the bad, but also the good in our path so that we can learn lessons and continue on our journey.  The good things are possible so that God can continue to demonstrate to us his goodness and graciousness, even though we may not have been faithful on our journey.  Also, God will show us these good things so that we can continue to believe that all things are possible, specifically if we continue to believe in his Grace and Mercy.

It is our responsibility to accept that even the good things are only for a season, and we must let them go.  But, we can remember how these things made us feel, and strive to achieve this feeling again through new experiences and people.

When faced with the end of a good thing:

1.  Continue to give all of the honor and glory to God

2.  Cherish the moments that you had

3.  Strive to achieve these feelings again except through new experiences.

Kontinue to Konker.

Chadwick Taylor is CEO of KONKERER Leadership

He helps clients develop leaders with a servant mentality through individual development and workshops

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2 Comments on “Moving On, Moving Forward”

  1. Reggie August 3, 2011 at 7:48 PM #

    To add to the “dwelling in success” theme. I often use the quote “Today’s success is the greatest threat to tomorrows success.” It’s nice to celebrate a success but just like a running back that scores a touchdown and celebrates too long…you need to act like you’ve been there before and it won’t be the last time you get there. Something you said before in one of your posts is that you have already won so it shouldn’t be a surprise when you achieve success…enjoy it and move to tomorrows success.

    • Chadwick Taylor August 3, 2011 at 8:54 PM #

      I like that quote. I’m going to use that again. We can become our own worst enemies when it comes to success. You said it correctly…act like you’ve been there before. Thanks for the post.

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