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Gifted and Dynamic Public Speaker, with a gift of Servant Leadership. Engineer by degree, Leader by Destiny. My goal is to make people better so that they lead a successful life and career.

The Man in the Mirror

This is a continuation of the post from yesterday, with a different twist…Now that we have established that you may be your own roadblock, are you now the roadblock for someone else?  Are you holding up someone else’s dream of achieving their goals? 

It is easy to place our success and failure on the shoulders of someone else.  And likewise, we place their achievements on them as well.  But, we may not accept our own accountability on their path to maximizing their potential.  Our own unhappiness may be driven from our internal frustation, derived from what we perceive people intended.  Or, jealousy of someone elses’ success and accomplishment may cause us to lash out in a disrepectful manner. 

Michael Jackson said it best in Man in the Mirror…

I’m looking at the man in the mirror.  I’m asking him to change his ways. 

I am a big proponent of looking at yourself for accountability before you look at others.  Perform a self-reflection to ensure that you are doing the best you can to make everyone (including yourself) successful with their goals.  Unfortunately, most of the time we find out that it was us, and not the other person. 

Before you blame someone else for their or your failure:

1.  Look in the mirror

2.  Assess what you see (honestly)

3.  Use this assessment as a method to improve yourself and others, not as a tool to beat you down.

Has your own internal “enemy” hindered the success of others?  Has your perception of the world slowed you down?  Have you down a personal assessment?

Kontinue to Konker.

Chadwick Taylor is CEO of KONKERER Leadership

He helps clients develop leaders with a servant mentality through individual development and workshops

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