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Mediocrity the New Success??

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and this story struck me as very odd. The premise is a study was performed on baboons, indicating that it was better to be the BETA Male (Middle Management) rather than the ALPHA Male (Leader) of the group.  The reason – you still get some of the benefits, but you have less stress.

“I find it especially interesting that the beta males are apparently buffered from factors causing increased” stress levels, she told The Associated Press. “This may be because betas receive less aggression from higher-ranking males than do low-ranked individuals.”

We have now reached a point in our society in which we justify mediocrity.  We now use studies and trials to prove that it is acceptable to not strive to be the best.  To say the least, this is disappointing.  Of course the BETA Male will have fewer people gunning for them…achievers strive for the best, they want to be the Top Dog.  If you are going through life and you do not have “haters“, then you probably do not have anything to hate.

Leaders lead…simply put.  Striving for mediocrity or accepting average is the equivalent of doing nothing.

1.  Don’t accept mediocrity.

2.  Strive to be the best that you can be.

3.  Develop those around you so that they want to be the ALPHA as well.

Do you have leaders who are coasting by?  How do their attitude impact you?  Is it you?


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2 Comments on “Mediocrity the New Success??”

  1. theteachingwhore July 16, 2011 at 9:18 AM #

    I agree with your conclusions, though I also don’t equate leadership with doing one’s best. Some do their best without leading. I also think that whether one becomes a Alpha or a Beta is not merely a matter of choice. Thanks!

    • Chadwick Taylor July 16, 2011 at 11:27 AM #

      Great point. Leadership and doing your best are independent actions. Even those who are not the “leader” can still be leaders in their own right (typically every great leader has that person in the background that supports them and handles the things that they either can not or won’t.)

      Thanks for commenting!

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